Romsey Labour Club, Cambridge


Romsey Labour Club, Cambridge


Romsey Labour Club, Cambridge

Year: 2021
Client: Developer
Location: Cambridge
Sector: Commercial/Mixed Use
Status: Planning Approved

Romsey Labour Club on Mill Road stands as a testament to the historical significance of the route leading from Cambridge City Centre. Originally named for its connection to a windmill near present-day Mill Street, the club was tasked with creating a building that not only exuded architectural character but also contributed to the diverse identity of Mill Road.

Mindful of this, Romsey Labour Club meticulously curated a material palette that blends modern and traditional elements in a contemporary fashion. The juxtaposition of hung tiles above the buildng of local interest (BLI) creates a compelling visual contrast, enriching the historical foundation with a touch of modernity.

The commitment to sustainability is evident in every aspect of the design. The green roofs on  not only offers a unique habitat for wildlife in an urban context but also plays a crucial role in sustainable drainage by mitigating surface water runoff. Additionally, the proposals seek to achieve BREEAM 'Excellent'.

Inside, energy efficiency takes center stage with cutting-edge building service systems. High-efficiency heat generation plants, heat recovery systems, and energy-efficient, controllable lighting collectively work to diminish the carbon footprint of the site. Romsey Labour Club, through thoughtful design and sustainable practices, stands as a beacon of architectural and environmental consciousness on the historic Mill Road.


01 February 2024


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