Grantchester Road, Newnham


Grantchester Road, Newnham


Grantchester Road, Newnham

Year: 2022
Client: Developer
Location: Cambridge
Sector: Residential
Status: Construction

We were approached by local developer who wanted to maximise the potential of their large house within Newnham. The proposals sought the erection of a pair of 2.5 storey semi-detached houses following the demolition of the existing 1960s house.

The units have been perceived to address the character of the area and its neighbouring Listed Building to provide a positive built form on a windfall site. The proposal makes reference to the local character in terms of scale, massing and density to provide a high-quality scheme. Due to its location, it was considered at an early design stage that the development should be of the highest quality whilst incorporating a character that is capable of joining the ensemble in the streetscape.

The layout has been greatly determined by the sites’ orientation, relation to the neighbouring properties and character of the area whilst making best use of the available land. 


25 July 2022


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