Land to R/O Rosemary Road, Waterbeach


Land to R/O Rosemary Road, Waterbeach


Land to R/O Rosemary Road, Waterbeach

Year: 2019
Client: Developer
Location: Waterbeach
Sector: Residential
Status: Construction

We were commissioned to design and deliver a mix of nine dwellings on land to the rear of Rosemary Road in Waterbeach. The site lies in a highly sustainable location within the Conservation Area and overlooks a Grade I Listed Church. Our extensive understanding of the local and national planning policy as well as Listed Buildings allowed us to quickly assess the site’s potential for our client who purchased the site unconditionally.

The design and layout of the development was key to ensure no impact onto the neighbouring Heritage Assets and amenity areas. As part of the design ethos, we sought to design a scheme that provide visual interest but also reflected the character of the area whilst ensuring the houses met the local needs.

The development is designed to ensure that they sit within the established scale of the locality being 2- 2 ½ storeys in height. The scheme maintains the active frontage onto the road providing a pedestrian and vehicular access that gives views towards the Listed Building. Each dwelling is provided with a formal front garden and large private garden along with parking for both residents and visitors.

A range of terrace, semi-detached and detached properties are proposed to meet a variety of housing needs and reflect the character of the area. The scheme will provide an architectural enhancement to the area with the use of quality materials such as natural slate and soft buff bricks and render. Light filled interiors have been created through double height voids, allowing open plan areas to extend from ground floor kitchens up to first floor bedrooms.

The proposals was approved under delegated powers by the Local Authority and building work commenced in Quarter 3 of 2019 with the houses going to market towards the middle of 2020.


07 September 2020


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